Coaching Workshops

Weekly Coaching Workshops Available now!
Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30am
This week:
Squat / Lowerbody (03/22 & 03/24)
The class start at 6:30 am (30-45min)
Up to 5 participants
Coached by our newest trainer Emilie Paraiso
Every class will cover one of the core movement patterns, while providing mobility or accessories exercises each week based on the individuals that show for the workshops
These classes will be outside the gym's high traffic times. Expect to see them earlier in the day rather than late in the evening.
As we start rolling classes out, existing members will have access for free. Guests will only need to pay the day fee.
If you are interested in attending the class or have questions  send us an email: with the subject "Coaching Workshops"
More to come!

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