Coaching Workshops - Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:30am - Weekly rotation topics like Deadlift / Hinge , Bench / Upperbody, Squat / Lowerbody

Coaching Workshops

We are aiming to provide a service unlike anything else seen in Powerlifting, Our Workshops are designed to compliment your existing programming.

Each workshop will have a main topic that our coaches will be well versed in to provide educational insight and individual movement recommendations.

We have weekly rotating Topics centered around SBD with more variation of workshops to be announced soon! Each workshop will be catered to the participants that show up so each class will feel unique and will differ from coach to coach.

Workshops are planned around the gyms schedule, Morning workshops are our focus and as we receive more feedback we will add more workshops.

This Tuesday March 15th & Thursday March 17th are our first few workshops at 6:30am. These will vary from 30 - 45mins depending on attendance.

Members will have access to these classes for free to start, with Guest only paying the day fee. ($22)

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